May 11, 2022 • 1HR 46M

We need "Valid Values" in Conversation with the artist Richard Lahuis

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The Resistance Of Art
Hear about the finest and most decent artist, who fight for Freedom, Justice and Peace. Soon we will publish here podcast with the wonderful artist from all around the world, who understand their duty and use their art as a defensive and offensive weapon against the enemies.
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How can you be an artist, and don't stand up for Julian Assange? These and many more questions, Manja McCade and Richard Lahuis discuss in this podcast.
Richard Lahuis is one of the artist who will exhibit his great project "Valid Values" in an international group exhibition calling for the freedom of Julian Assange.
Meet Richard in this podcast, learn about his work, and enjoy an very vivid and brutally honest conversation, about art, politics and the duty of art. Take your time, as this is a long podcast, but as "Persona Non-Filtered" says, no cutting no editing. Enjoy !
Richard Lahuis Project "Valid Values" find out more here

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